MadCatArts Jewellery - Sterling Silver and Blue Agateware Necklace Jewellery in Caerphilly, Wales and Jersey, Channel Islands

Unique Design Jewellery
Sterling Silver and Blue Agateware Necklace

Jersey Agateware pendant wrapped in Sterling Silver with fancy bail.

Design unique to MadCatArts

Colour: blue mix and silver

Jersey Agateware
Nearly 200 years after Agateware was last made, a small family pottery in Jersey (Channel Islands) rediscovered the art which involves staining white clay with metal oxides. A novel clay pressing technique was later developed that solved the blurring of the lines.

It took 20 years to develop from very humble Agateware effects in 1963 to the product that you see today. This technique is known only to the Bouchet family. The methods used are no longer available as the potter has now retired and all records destroyed.

This piece is totally unique and becoming rarer due to the demise of the business.


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